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The success of both your business and the U.S. economy hinges on the success of Millennials in the workplace … but they must be developed, mentored, and managed properly in order to grow and fully realize that success.

Telling a Millennial they simply “aren’t ready for promotion” can turn into a frustrating experience for both the Millennial and you, the manager. After all, they’ve been told they can do anything now.  Not in the future, mind you, but rather right now.

Experts on “Millennial culture” have seemingly cropped up everywhere recently, each with a lot of talk about how exactly to lead this generation, but their flaws are clear – very few of these so-called “experts” have actually managed Millennials on a day-to-day basis while hyper-growing a firm to millions of dollars in revenue.

I have. I still do. When I started out, Millennials were all I could afford. So they HAD to work out!

Today, with a staff of more than 60% Millennials, my nationally-recognized firm has grown to millions of dollars in revenue and a Top 20% ranking – #643 on the “Inc. 5000” list of fastest-growing privately owned companies in 2015 –up 200 spots from last year’s ranking– with less than 3% attrition.

In other words, I know what I’m talking about because I’m winning with Millennials. That’s why I created the “Managing mtmecoverMillennials Toolkit” – to share 10 of my best insights to help you optimize the Millennials in your workplace. When you download the Toolkit you will learn:

  • The biggest obstacle Generation X faces when dealing with Millennials
  • The type of career development Millennials most desire
  • How to determine whether a Millennial is a strategic or tactical employee (so you can develop them accordingly)
  • Which critical process is most likely missing from your organization (and how it’s creating the “Millennial Revolving-Door Effect”)

And it’s yours, free.

Why? Because we all need all the help we can get when it comes to working with these dynamic and at times, frustrating young superstars.

Download the Toolkit and share it with your management team and Human Resources Director. We’ll even send you 5 complimentary print copies, if you want, so you can have them handy when you need them most. Plus, you’ll also get our leading edge podcast-newsletter “Millennial Matters @ Work” to keep you updated on the most important things to know about managing Millennials in the workplace. Fill out the form to the right, click and download!

To Your Success,
Towan Isom
CEO & President
Author, Managing Millennials Toolkit

P.S. Throughout my career as a CEO, many C-Suite peers have often confided in me about their many frustrations in managing Millennials, but it wasn’t until recently that I started counseling firms on how to engage Millennials in an intergenerational workplace. If you are dealing with an unhealthy environment, or situation that needs immediate attention, click here to schedule a one-on-one “Managing Millennials 911 Coaching Session” with me.

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